A Reader’s Feast

Welcome to A Reader’s Feast. This is a blog about my relationship with one of the great passions in my life: Reading. I love to read: books, blogs, magazines. My taste in reading is broad. I love to read science fiction, history, biography, literary fiction, mysteries. I love to read about politics and society. I’ll read about celebrity gossip and technology. I’m journalist, so I read a lot on the job about my beat.

Reading affects the way I live my life. I get both upset and excited about politics. I get filled with a sense of wonder by science fiction. I feel nostalgic for a past I never knew when I read about history. I learn about how to live my life better by reading a book about exercise or nutrition.

On A Reader’s Feast, I’m going to blog about the things I read and how they affect me and how they change my life. I’ll be ranting. I’ll be gushing. I’ll be trying to record my thoughts on all the books and blogs I plow through in my never-ending goal to clean out my Google Reader and clear out the queue of books I have stacked on various shelves in my apartment.

Feel free to join me  and read what I read.


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