Read on the street: Winning over the ladies

Here we have a proudly owned Ford truck with a modestly lifted suspension. It’s parked in a Whole Foods lot. Yes, a Whole Foods lot. Not exactly the typical ride of that store’s clientele, but here it is. We encountered it there after doing a little bit of late-night shopping following a trip to the local movie theater.

I decided to share this classic ride here in the inaugural post in a series I’ll be doing on this blog on interesting and ridiculous things I’ve read while walking the Earth.  What’s there to read on this truck, you ask?

Let’s take a closer look.

Isn’t that classy? I imagine this guy is a heterosexual, and his ultimate goal is to find a girlfriend, wife, or some other female companion. If so, someone needs to tell him that he’s doing it wrong.

What self-respecting woman would step up into a truck with that trash stenciled on it? None, most likely. In fact, only a woman with no self-respect would ride in this rolling travesty.

Long story short, this guy ain’t winning over many ladies with this truck, at least no ladies with a minimum of half a brain and a hint of dignity.